Resources for making own sites

W3 Schools How to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, easy to understand and lots of examples
HTML CheatSheet All the commonly used stuff on a single page
Melon's Intro to the Web Revival #3: Make a Website! How to start with the absolute basics (unless it's Monday)
Border image generator More visual approach to generating border-image css
EGGRAMEN's CSS Test Pages Various easy to use layouts
sadgrl's Layouts More layouts, layout builder and some other coding resources
REPTH themes Even more layouts
teppy's layouts And moooore layouts
Transparent Textures Big collection of semi transparent repeateble textures
Pngs for snails Lots pngs of random cool objects, cabinet of curiosities style
GifCities Geocities gifs search, powered by the Internet Archive

Neat online tools

TinEye Reverse image search that isn't Google
DeepL Translator Like Google Translate, but better (if it has the language) Save media (especially videos) from all the big popular sites
CUE Generator Makes a .cue playlist/tracklist for long music files, generally friendly to just copying tracklists from YouTube
Ezgif Make and edit gifs, convert from videos etc. Quickly removes backgrounds from images, adjustable, free version only allows download of smaller sizes (around 500px), great for png stickers but I don't trust it to last tbh
CatBox File hosting site, up to 200mb
OneLook Reverse dictionary, search by the meaning (great for writing) Alternative YouTube viewer, less clutter, more privacy-focused Removes popups and annoying stuff from articles, bypasses paywalls (sometimes)
Marginalia Search Non-commercial focused search


All should be free unless stated otherwise

Firefox Get Firefox I am no longer asking just do it (unless you already did, good job), chromium browser monopoly is not a good thing, also open source
MusicBee Music manager and player, nice mass tagging tools, customizable UI
Audacity Open source audio editor, nice for adding fade ins/outs or removing silence from saved music
Visual Studio Code Coding software for many languages including html/css/javascript, colorcodes the code, offers live preview, syntax autocomplete and many other neat features
Calibre Open source e-book manager and viewer
PureRef Excellent art reference board tool, but look up the shortcuts
ImageGlass Open source lightweight image viewer, supports a lot of filetypes insluding .psd
Merlin Phone app, bird encyclopedia, IDs birds also by sound and works offline after downloading local bird packs (and not just America!), makes walks extremely exciting, 10/10, asks for email but worth it

Browser extensions

For Firefox, most probably have alternatives for other browsers but please just get Firefox

uBlock Origin Currently the best adblock, also has language specific filters and custom filters, often bypasses adblock blockers, if you don't want to bother with any extensions get this at least. YouTube tried to fight this and lost.
uBlacklist Blacklists sites from search results, also here's a list of ai images sites
SponsorBlock For YouTube, highlights/skips sponsor segments, lots of settings for more quality of life features
YouTube Search fixer Removes the unrelated search results YouTube loves to throw at you, also has an option to force shorts to play in the normal video window
YouTube NonStop Removes/autoclicks the "are you still there" popups
Dark Reader Dark mode for sites that don't have it, fairly customizable, also has some basic options for visually impaired people
Redirect AMP to HTML Redirects links from their amp version to the normal version. Some reading about why amp is an issue.
WebP/Avif image converter Saves WebP/Avif as a jpg
Consent-O-Matic Automatically rejects cookies/GDPR consent forms. While automated, you might still get a second or two of flashing popups being yeeted.