On the coast between an ocean and an endless forest sprawls a gigantic city, reaching incredible heights with its high rise buildings, and depths with the vast tunnels underground. Its surroundings are rich with resources, enough to provide shelter and protection to countless people from the dangers of wilderness and it's no wonder that's it's by far the largest human settlement far and wide.

What the city can't fully protect its citizens from though are the fisheaters, who prey upon the energy of every living thing. This energy often takes shape of fish, fittingly enough for a coastal city, but unlike the ocean fish, these fish are invisible to most people until their life comes to an end.

It's a small miracle that the city still manages to function with its size and the amount of population, but there's nothing less expected of the Roots, who have governed the city with an iron fist for hundreds of years. There is many organisations helping the Roots maintain and protect the city. One of them is the Order, keeping watch over the city with its soldiers, consisiting of people with various abilities allowing interaction with the ever-present fish.

Narya, a young healer, isn't quite happy with his life in the service of the Order. He's a fisher - not only he can see the fish wherever there's life, he can also manipulate them in such way that allows him to heal. This makes him the property of the city, as all fishers are highly sought upon. He is searching for a way to free himself, for a loophole in the many laws and rules of the city, but during his search he stumbles upon the city's deepest secrets.


Diesel/biopunk urban fantasy. My main project, originally planned as a longform webcomic. I still want to do the main story as a comic someday, but it's fun to make all sorts of things for this. The main story is about Narya's big escape, but I'm also writing a prequel of sorts about Narya's teenage years growing up in the Order, that's currently at over 130k words and nowhere near finishing. I also have no idea how to share it, because my writing style is going back and forth a lot with editing, so maybe like. Biannual update of the entire thing??

There's also a couple of short comics - Roommates (currently hosted at tapas.io), which is technically meant to be a miniseries about Nat and Kal, and a bunch of random shorts that's mostly just me messing around with the format.