Age: 13+
Gender: male
Ability class: fisher
Physical description: taller than average, slender, white/light blonde hair, ashy tan skin, amber eyes, often has bruises, bandages and plasters
Personality: INTP, curious, rebellious, stubborn

As a fisher, Narya's life have been tightly regulated since before it even started in the human growing farms of the city. He was conscripted to the Order as a small child and that was all he knew, until an accident during a field mission. Due to various circumstances Narya spend a whole month out in the city without the Order, and even though he was made to forget most of it shortly after his return, he didn't quite fit the mold anymore.

Narya started to realize the Order might not be where he wants to be, but all fishers are required to be in the service of the city, and the Order refuses to let him leave. Over time Narya develops contemptuous but ultimately passive attitude, with the Order responding in kind.

Training as a Salamander, an elite high durability medic-soldier, Narya needs to use his healing abilities a lot, both for others and for himself. That and extra work from the masters, to "improve his discipline", often leaves him too tired to engage in much else. He tends to space out a lot and just observe the fish flowing around. Since the outside incident, physical contact causes him to flinch.


Age: 15+
Gender: male
Ability class: empath
Physical description: thin, pale skin, shoulder-length dark hair, brown eyes
Personality: ISFJ, kind, obedient, polite

Narya's roommate, tasked by watching over him and reporting any issues to the masters. Despite that, Narya hesitantly treats Lavi as a friend, and Lavi tries to avoid getting Narya into trouble for minor things. He still reports any real trouble though, as he believes that it's necessary to keep things in order, and doesn't want them to get worse. He might not always agree with what the masters do, but he trusts them to do what's best, even if he may not understand it.

Neural incompatibilities prevent him from using the field gear, so all his tasks and duties are kept inside of the Order. He likes to be around people, as long as he can stay out of the spotlight, and keeps up well with how everyone around feels.


Age: 12+
Gender: male
Ability class: enslaver/telepath
Physical description: short and thin, generally weak looking body, ginger hair, freckled face, eyes sewn shut and covered by a blindfold
Personality: INTJ, impassive, taciturn, obedient

Discovered and marked as a telepath in the city by the authorities as a baby, soon after removed from the family and conscripted to the Order. While growing up it was discovered his abilities might extend all the way to mind control, something that wasn't usually allowed to remain. However, Nathanel's subservient personality allowed him to remain, under careful watch of the masters.

Nathanel quickly learned that his only chance of surviving was doing exactly what the Order wants, so he became a bland emotionless puppet. That went until he was assigned Kal as his roommmate, in hopes that he might help the masters get Kal under control. While that partially worked, it also made Nathanel unable to continue as he was.

Plagued by migraines and vision problems since birth, it was eventually discovered that Nathanel's real issue was sensitivity to the fish, despite (or due to) the brain not being able to properly translate the visual input. Blindfolds made the headaches stop, and since that also allowed Nathanel to better concentrate on his mind related abilities, the masters happily opted for limiting Nathanel's vision and eventually taking it away completely.


Age: 15+
Gender: male
Ability class: beast
Physical Description: pale skin, messy dark hair, dark brown eyes, often has various minor injuries
Personality: ISFP, short-tempered, aggressive, actually quite caring and honorable

Ever wild and hard to control, Kal has always been quite a nuisance for the Order's masters, and a target of ridicule from his peers. His inhuman strength is quite useful though, and so the masters continue to put effort into finding ways to "tame a beast like Kal", as they love to call it. Pairing Kal with Nathanel is pretty much the final attempt to get him under control.

More than anything, Kal is angry at everything and everyone. He hates himself for losing control so easily, others for various injustices, and hates serving the Order. He is well aware there's no hope for him to ever get out though, and along with the treatment he gets from the masters it sends him further and further into despair.

He has a rare ability that allows him to transform parts of his body during distress to gain even more strength and endurance, and a great deal of exhaustion and damage to the body after reverting. The masters continue to seek the way to get most out of this ability, no matter what it does to Kal.


Age: 25ish
Gender: male
Ability class: fisher
Physical description: long braided hair, copper tan skin, amber eyes, long scar over the right side of the face, multiple scars across the body
Personality: reserved, obedient, patient, efficient

Member of the same training unit as Narya and for a while he helped out as Narya's mentor. Friendly and empathetic at first, he soon backed off as Narya started to get more familiar with the specialized training. The masters like to display Kalan as the ideal soldier that listens to orders without questions, and he does just that.

His training taught him to take risks during fight others couldn't afford, and as a result over time he lost bits and pieces of his original body parts. By now major parts of his limbs are replacements.



Age: looks around 40
Gender: male
Ability group: fisher
Physical description: tall and slender body, tan copper skin, longer dark brown hair cut short in the back, brown eyes
Personality: ISTJ, calm, polite, usually kind but if needed can be very cold and ruthless

Head doctor of the Order and one of the highest ranking members as a whole. He prefers to stick to the medical duties, but he keeps track of everything going on and doesn't hesitate to take matters in his own hands if necessary. He's fully loyal to the Order, respected and sometimes even feared by most of the people in there, and has a considerable reputation even outside of it.

Siva started helping out with Narya after the masters' previous approach failed. As a doctor and a fellow fisher he teaches Narya various medical duties, as well as ocassionally converses with him about all sorts of things. He grew quite fond of Narya, but just as with everything else, he doesn't hesitate to give Narya harsh punishment whenever he disobeys.

Often coughs because of asthma. His healing abilities can only keep his condition from getting considerably worse. He rarely gets to leave the Order for multiple reasons, but he needs a breathing mask for the city air at all times. Despite being a fisher he isn't able to see the fish, but he learned to use his abilities to some degree even without that. Drinks a lot of tea and is perfectly fluent in sarcasm.


Age: looks around 40
Gender: male
Ability group: sleep manipulation Physical description: tall but weak looking body, generally unkempt appearance, long messy dark brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes with dark circles under them
Personality: apathetic, weary, compassionate when more lucid

Siva's brother and the head anesthetist of the Order. Hari used to be a much livelier person, but in his youth he experimented too much with his sleep manipulation abilities on himself, spending countless days with little to no sleep at all, which damaged his body.

His abilities are extremely rare, so he often helps out in other places than just the Order.


Age: late 40s?
Gender: male
Ability class: empath
Physical description: pale skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes
Personality: polite, patient, meticulous, controlling

a bitch

Head of the Order's empaths, Cornelius was assigned as Narya's consultant after Narya incident in the city. Cornelius's methods of helping Narya deal with the experience worked only partially and their sessions grew more bitter over time. Still, Cornelius is determined to keep Narya under his control.

Has an unrequited rivalry going on with Siva.