Terbish Dhoro

Age: 19
Gender: male
Race: Xaela Au Ra
Birthplace: Azim Steppe

Physical description: short for an au ra (but still like 2m), black spiky hair with a long braid in the back, medium gray skin, red stripes under the eyes, the main pair of horns pointing slightly up, two more smaller pairs of horns above them, long thin tail (usually very expressive), fully scaled neck, heavily scaled on the back, legs and arms

Clothing style: traditional auri clothing (Mongolian/Tibet), loose, baggy, must feel comfortable, occasional patterns but mostly black or dark gray, "tribal techwear", bead and cloth bracelets, more beads and feathers for decorations and hints of colors, dancer outfit thavnairian (India/Tibet/central Asia) - mostly concealing, baggy pants, loose veils/cloth, some jewelry, coins, more feathers and beads

Personality: ISTP, carefree, friendly and cheerful but extremely shy, not too smart but has a good heart, understands crafting/mechanical stuff really well - especially if he can get his hands on it and try it himself. Bad at picking social cues, somewhat gullible but has a fairly ok sense of value of things

Likes: wandering around, discovering new things and places, observing, listening to stories, crafting/making things (often passes up time by making simple jewelry/amulets), dancing, giving gifts, feathers

Dislikes: crowds, being in the center of attention (dance performances being the only exception), loud noises, talking, staying in one place too long, not respecting nature/the surrounding world

Can't read or write, doesn't feel like reading stories is the same as hearing them from someone (with their own spin and understanding of them) and doesn't see why reading is so important, so he has little patience with learning that. He can memorize the look of some words, especially names though.

Wonky spatial perception but good sense of direction and balance (will find place easily but might hit a tree behind him on the way, then flawlessly somersault on a branch). Probably autistic, very socially anxious.

Born into the Dhoro tribe. Has a two years older sibling Enebish. Grew up with the tribe, quickly picking up the tribe's affinity for hiding and avoiding attention. Enjoyed tracking and hunting, with a bow often being his weapon of choice, though the thing he enjoyed the most about it was being able to wander around. He often picked up anything interesting he found on the way, so more often than not he returned with a "pretty rock" instead of food. As a young kid Terbish usually watched adults processing the haul, then he started helping out with making clothing and other things and quickly learned pretty decent crafting skills. He often tried to observe people from other tribes when visiting, though he was usually too shy to ask about anything himself unless someone noticed him and started talking first. Being pretty small for an au ra and good at being inconspicuous, that didn't happen too often. He was taught how to spar with a spear and spent a lot of evenings by the fire with others, listening to stories and legends and dancing around, praising the spirits of the steppe.

During one of the big tribe meetings Terbish ran into Odgerel and sort of bonded over making bracelets. Terbish ended up getting a finished bracelet from Odge that he still wears and maintains as a memory of good times.

When Terbish was approaching adulthood, the steppe started feeling too much same for him - he wanted to discover the wider world, learn new stories and ways to create, so he left the steppe. Thavnair was one of his early stops, and he got enchanted by the local dancers and their techniques. He joined a travelling troupe to learn from them and build on top of his past experience of dances by the fire with his tribe. His crafting skills came to use as well, for helping with costumes and various props.

He's been travelling with the troupe around the world, eventually arriving to Eorzea. He usually gets enough time to wander around the places where the troupe is staying, so he can explore all the new cultures, both the people and the beast tribes. He also learned some extremely basic reading skills to keep up with the troupe.