late 20s | Czech Republic | actual birb | extremely introverted sorry sdfesdgds | collecting meds like pokemons

Hi! I'm kinixuki, a common internet weirdo. I'm bad at communicating in any normal way, so I like to share things I create instead. I daydream a lot, and then write and draw all that.

I work on multiple projects basically at any given time, the main one being Fisher. I would like to use this site as an info page for those, so both me and others can keep track of all the things I'm doing. No seriously I forget everything I don't write down. Life is chaos. Help.

You can contact me at kinixuki[at], or you can send an ask on tumblr.

Links to me elsewhere

Art tumblr | Personal tumblr | Mastodon | Cara | ArtStation | Neocities profile

Currently inactive/ archive only:
DeviantArt | Twitter

Art tools

Software Photoshop CC
Tablet ancient Intuos 4
Fave layer style overlay, color dodge
Sketching HB/2B pencils
Lines 2B mechanical pencil
Sketchbook 90gsm Fabriano

Please look at my birb

(He's a zebra finch and has two friends but all my photos of the current group are blurry cryptid photos level of quality)